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BV380 is chocolate brown feathered bird and is color sexable variety. Egg shell color is uniform brown.It is the result of continuous Genetic R&D of Venkateshwara Research and Breeding Farm P. Ltd. (VRB), Pune, India which is recognized by the Department of Science & Technology since 1981. Continuous selection for hot, humid tropical environment in both side open housing systems resulted in the adaptation of BV 380 to tropical climatic conditions. Extremely versatile and known for its excellent livability. Supported strongly by technical service network of V. H. Group

Omega farming solutions provides u a complete package of high quality BV 380 breeds         hi-tech cages and its shed. We also provides you with the facility of more advanced technologies including the automatic layer systems and semi-automatic layer systems. This advanced technologies will make your farming in ease with a well defined and arranged manner. In our manual systems the cages and shed are made up using TATA branded products which one prevents corrosion and reduces heat conduction of cages. We will fix everything in the corresponding places after the payment of 60% of the total cost in advance.

U will be provided with insurance for every single bird, its cage and shed. If there any mortality happens to the birds or if any damage occur to the cage and shed it will be insured. For the first one year the company itself will pay the insurance payment amount.

B.V 380 chickens are those which lay eggs for a period of 16 to 18 months in total. It lays eggs in an average rate of 300- 320 in number within 12 months. Our company will provide you all the necessary needs for your farming. Every single batch of birds will be replaced with new 4 months old B.V 380 chickens after the laying period. Special feed for B.V 380 will also be delivery at your doorstep with 5 days of your payment every month.


1. We provide complete package for your microlayer farm with Layer birds at the age of 150 days.

2. Every micro layer farm will be insured by United India Insurance Company.

3. We enclose the cage with a shed fenced in a manner of chain locking system. So, the birds will be completely protected from animal attacks or from the reptiles.

4. One cage is providing to keep the layer birds with automatic drinkers and feeders.

5. We are providing you with high quality Omega 3-6 feed especially meant for BV380 breeds that will be efficiently support the birds in maximize the number of Eggs.

6. We will replace every batch of Hens after 18 months of laying period, with new batch at 120 days aged BV 380 Hens.

7. We will provide you all the necessary instructions for your successful farming!

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